"Seeing sales' reaction to our new trade show marketing strategy was amazing. They actually got excited about trade shows for the first time ever. 当销售兴奋的时候, I got even more excited—because I can't succeed without their buy-in,艾丽西娅·沃森说, 贸易展览及活动协调员 问'Straint.

沃森, 他自称是展会狂人, received her well-deserved pat on the back at this year's 问'Straint national sales meeting after rolling out the next phase of her 公司's revamped trade show marketing strategy. The strategy marks a nearly two-year process of assessment 和 continuous improvement that has significantly increased the number of qualified leads 问'Straint generates at trade shows—和 has also transformed 问'Straint's sales team into trade show enthusiasts.

这个过程开始于雇佣必发最新网址展品来做一个 意念车间—和 then asking us to conduct exhibit audits of 问'Straint 和 its competitors at three trade shows. (相关文章: Why Every Trade Show Marketer Needs A Baseline Exhibit Audit 和/or Exit Survey) Those    findings then drove a complete exhibit marketing makeover where 问'Straint completely rethought everything from what it showed in its exhibit to how it staffed its booths. 现在, 沃森 is on phase three—the rollout of technology 和 lead gen tools that will increase engagement 和 improve data collection even more.

What makes this story interesting is that 问'Straint isn't a big-budget exhibitor. 该公司, 哪个公司开发了轮椅乘客旅行的安全设备, 桌面是否适中, 可移植的, 10'x20', 和 20'x20' exhibits—with its largest presence being a 30'x40' footprint at a show that only takes place once every three years. 它参加的演出有 全国学生运输协会美国公共交通协会.

“我们没有庞大的预算, 因此,我们非常小心地确保我们拥有的每一美元都花得值得,沃森说:“.

问'Straint's makeover started with an exhibit audit (an exhibit assessment of 问'Straint's booth plus assessments of three competitors) at three shows. The resulting reports clearly identified simple but key opportunities for improvement: create a more consistent look 和 feel, 减少展览中的复制/信息的数量, 明确Q' straaint的产品是什么, reduce the number of staff in the exhibit so there is more room for visitors, 并制定engagement/lead capture/qualification strategy.

“虽然我们多少知道人们是如何看待我们的展览的, seeing it from a third-party's perspective really hit home with the team,沃森说:“. 沃森 says the comments were dead on 和 the report made it easier to explain to management what 问'Straint needed—和 why.

下一个, 沃森 worked with 必发最新网址 Exhibits to create a new exhibit strategy that would take advantage of all of the opportunities outlined in the audit report. 在接下来的销售会议上, she led with key findings from the audit—then shared the proposed changes to the exhibit program. 沃森 says that obtaining an early buy-in from sales made them more receptive to the changes. "With the information on what our opportunities to improve were laid out clearly, the sales team had nothing but great things to say about our direction,沃森说:“.

The biggest change in the program was that 问'Straint shifted from focusing on its br和, 通过一个知名的展览来推广其产品.沃森说,结果是Q' straaint的信息更清晰了.

更重要的是, 现在, people come into the booth 和 ask specific product questions as opposed to asking what 问'Straint does. "The visitors we get 现在 are qualified, interested members of our target audience,沃森说:“. 问'Straint in turn changed their trade show mindset from quantity to quality.

Another improvement was that 问'Straint started bringing fewer staff to the exhibit. Not only did this open up the interior of the exhibit 和 make it possible for more visitors to enter, the change eliminated the expense of flying redundant reps to the show. 所以Q' constraint通过避免成本减少了一些开支.

Another serendipitous benefit is that 现在 that the salespeople don't have to travel to so many shows, they have more time to devote to their existing customers—which 沃森 says has elevated 问'Straint's delivery of customer.    

沃森的下一步是推出一种新的定制铅生成系统. And an interactive C和y Crush-style game that integrates with the lead gen system, so she'll be able to record scores 和 send prizes to her top scorers. There is also a cause marketing component where 问'Straint will donate $5.00 to 所有轮子—a charity that is crash testing wheelchair tie downs 和 wheelchairs for commercial flight—then match the total donation at the end of the year.

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沃森 says one of the most rewarding moments came when another exhibitor walked up to her on the show floor 和 asked about the exhibit. The exhibitor   commented that she liked the way the exhibit told a story 和 focused on the product. 只要看看Q' straaint的展览, this exhibit manager got it—和 commented that she wanted her exhibit to accomplish the same things.    

“如果没有审计,这是不可能发生的. The audits are 100% paying for themselves, plus some,沃森说:“.    

If you think an exhibit audit or a strategy consultation would benefit your trade show marketing program, 电邮Stephanie Coupl和 (scopl和 (at) 必发最新网址Exhibits (dot) com), 设立免费咨询.    

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