Pam Summers stepped away from her booth to observe. She watched, and then she smiled. The Mitsubishi Electric Automation exhibit staff was working hard—and engaging. Branding was clear. 参观三菱的20'x40 '展览的人,和参观竞争对手的30'x50 '和50'x50 '展览的人一样多.

“It felt fabulous. Everything we’d planned and prepared for was working,” said Summers, marketing communication manager at Mitsubishi Electric Automation. At the end of the show, 数据与萨默斯的观察一致:三菱的领先优势比前一年几乎翻了一番.

Over the past three years, 三菱已经提升了其贸易展览项目,从仅仅展示一个强大的铅发电机. How? Through a meticulous process of continual evaluation and improvement. And considering that Mitsubishi exhibits at industrial shows including PACK EXPO and International Manufacturing Technology Show, 它的成功表明,所有类型和所有行业的展览都可以为公司的利润做出贡献.

“No more build it and they will come! Now we make best use of our investment,” says Summers. 她的成就为她赢得了公司内部的尊重和晋升. Here’s how she did it:

The Process of Continuous Trade Show Marketing Improvement

Summers’ process moves continually through the following cycle:

  1. Identification of opportunities for improvement.
  2. Translation of opportunities into goals.
  3. Creation of strategy to achieve goals.
  4. Implementation of strategy supported by measurement and observation.
  5. Articulate results in terms of goals achieved.

After every show, Summers starts again, documenting what she’s achieved and setting new goals for the next show.

Identify opportunities for improvement.

Summers started to formalize her process three years ago when she hired the 必发最新网址 Exhibits’ measurement team to implement an exhibit audit. Prior to the audit, 她知道她的团队和她的项目并不完美,但从第三方的角度来看她的团队让她大开眼界.

“Before we did the audit, we knew our staff weren’t engaging attendees, 但我们并没有意识到这将给我们带来多大的损失,也没有意识到这将给我们带来多大的损失,” said Summers.

But once the challenge had been identified, there was no going back. 萨默斯将审计报告中发现的改进机会转化为目标, 然后开始制定策略,以吸引更多的游客参观三菱的展览,并在游客到达后改善他们的体验.

After two years, Summers implemented a second audit. The follow-up data enabled her to compare findings, demonstrate where the program had improved, and once again, set goals for the future.

Create programs to achieve your goals.

Once Summers’ goals and strategies were established, she began implementing. 参观者参与成为一个巨大的焦点,包括吸引参观者参观展览和提高她的工作人员的参与能力.

When it came to her booth staff, 萨默斯面临的挑战是,在三菱展台工作的许多主题专家(sme)都是内向的工程师. 与陌生人交谈并不是他们中的许多人自然擅长或喜欢做的事情.

萨默斯的解决方案是创建一个员工培训项目,其中包括展位礼仪(如何参与), don’t use your phone in the booth, etc.),以及将在展会上展示哪些产品和活动的信息. 萨默斯说:“提前让我们的员工做好准备,可以提高他们的舒适度,提高他们的表现。.

After every show, 萨默斯指出了哪些方面得到了改进,哪些方面有机会表现得更好. Over time, her approach for preparing the staff evolved and improved. For instance, 她从经验中了解到,员工接受培训的时间越早,表现就越好,而且能够在到达现场之前彻底复习材料. In response, Summers now schedules training 2 weeks prior to each major show. 他说:“仅仅一次行动是不够的,你必须不断加强。.

萨默斯发现,她的团队很难简洁地回答与会者的问题, 她创建并分发了回答最常见问题的脚本.

Know when to bring in help.

萨默斯的持续监督也让她发现了员工的局限性. “为了让我们的工作人员更好地在展览中交谈,我们花了很长时间, but there is a limit to how far beyond their comfort zone they can go,” said Summers. At that point, 她还为内部员工配备了专业的品牌大使,他们的工作就是吸引观众, qualify them, then deliver the qualified attendees to her SMEs for in-depth conversations.

起初,萨默斯不太愿意雇佣员工,但她的反对很快就被克服了. “They’re a lot more than just models,” said Summers. “They are professional and natural when they talk about our products.”

In order to attract more attendees, 萨默斯利用了她的必发最新网址展览团队和参与专家GetSynchronicity的创意服务. “I like to get expert advice on engagement and activities,” says Summers. At PACK EXPO, 三菱通过必发最新网址展品开发的文字云活动吸引了与会者, and an industry survey developed by GetSynchronicity.

Measure and communicate your results.

萨默斯项目的一个重要组成部分是她在节目结束后制作的汇报文件. Her report, divided into sections, addresses overall performance, cost to exhibit, exhibit design and messaging, demos, staff performance, 领导取得成就——然后以一份她未来想要实施的新策略的清单作为总结. Summers在任何可能的地方插入图表和图表,使信息非常清楚.

“I present the information as a continuum. We were here. Now we’re here. We’re going here,” said Summers.

Following PACK EXPO, 萨默斯的报告摘录了第二次审计报告的内容,凸显了该项目是如何实现其目标的. 这些摘录包括支持哪些目标已经实现的陈述(优秀的品牌知名度和流量), 确定何处仍有改进机会的语句(太多的消息), 以及展示三菱团队相对于其竞争对手的表现的图表.

Summers用一张图表总结了这份报告,这张图表展示了该团队在PACK expo上取得的成功——几乎是前一年的两倍——以及她希望在明年增加的三个产生流量的活动. This set the stage that, even though the team had been very successful, there was still more work to be done.

萨默斯说,这个过程和她的汇报帮助维持了管理层对该项目的支持. “We need to show where we meet, and where we exceed expectations. It’s how we justify the investment we make in our trade shows,” says Summers. “当我们需要对我们的项目进行额外投资时,管理层明白这是为什么.”

So what’s next for Summers and her team? More training, of course. “接下来,我们将努力提高听力,并在展区收集更多的信息,这样我们以后就可以跟进了。. 我们的团队感到有压力,必须立即为客户创造解决方案,而这并不是他们需要做的事情,” said Summers.

If you think an exhibit audit, 市场营销或战略咨询将有利于您的贸易展营销计划, email Stephanie Coupland (scoupland (at) 必发最新网址Exhibits (dot) com), to set up a free consultation.

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