什么是WOW? A WOW is a technique or tactic used in trade show marketing that slows people in their tracks long enough for your exhibit staff to engage. WOW可以是一种吸引力, 一个活动, 升职, or an activation—anything that draws the attention of your target audience. 总体架构, 视觉焦点, a dynamic element—many things can function as a WOW if they’re implemented the right way.

WOWs work for all sizes of exhibit—and WOWs can be implemented with any budget.

The important thing is that you select a WOW that appeals to your target audience. WOWs only work if they appeal to the people you want to connect with.

10 Trade Show Techniques for Marketers Who Are Ready to WOW Attendees

正如所承诺的, here are ten techniques you can use to create WOWs for your exhibits and events—plus examples.

(Note: All exhibit design and fabrication by 必发最新网址 Exhibits unless otherwise noted.)


我们每个人都经历过这种事. 你正开车去上班,突然, 用你眼角的余光, you see a car pulling out of a parking spot too fast and without looking. Thanks to the early warning, you slam on your brakes and avoid the collision.

What you’ve just experienced is one of our very human instincts—the instinct to detect motion. It’s an automatic response that goes back to prehistoric times when noticing a saber-toothed tiger lurking in the bushes made the difference between eating dinner and being dinner.

Adding a kinetic element to your exhibit taps into this very human instinct and enables you to grab people’s attention on the trade show floor. The source of the motion could be any sort of kinetic element, game, activity, or automated display.

One of our favorite applications of motion to WOW trade show attendees was the choreographed array of kinetic light tubes that floated and danced over the IBM Watson exhibit at Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). 光管, 灵感来自IBM沃森标识中的光线元素, 象征着数据的移动.


当你还是个孩子的时候, were you enamored with the small houses and trees that made up your grandmother’s Christmas Village? 或者你可能对真人大小的恐龙复制品感到敬畏? 如果你对这两种情况感兴趣, 那么你已经明白规模的魅力了.

Elements that deviate from life-size attract attention—regardless of whether you go big and supersize it or shrink it down to a fraction of its actual size. Apply this technique to your exhibit marketing program by blowing up a model of your product (or 道具s that speak to your brand attributes) to create a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids,”的经历 花园的生活 做了. 或者使用比例模型来转换一个巨大的产品, 复杂的安装, 甚至是一张桌子大小的城市景观, 比如显示屏S&C内部创建的电气公司.

Pro-tip. 另一种选择是使用技术来调整音阶. 在RSNA上,日立公司展示了这一点 a large piece of medical imaging equipment it chose not to include in its booth with a hologram. 一个动画飞越也可以是一个选择.


人眼自然会被光点吸引. 日出. 星星. 远处的一座城市. 我们无法抗拒.

这一技术也适用于贸易展区. Companies have been using spotlights to direct attention to their products and gobo lights to entice people to enter their exhibits for years. HMS recently used lighting in its exhibit to connect information contained in its touch screen drill-down program with its product samples. It worked like this: as people visited the section of the drill down that showcased the product, LED light tubes illuminated to form a box around the product so people would understand which product they were learning about.


你曾经被商店的橱窗吸引住你的想象力吗? 你根本没打算去购物, 而是产品的组合, 道具, 并点燃所有反对你的阴谋. 在你意识到之前,你已经在商店里浏览商品了.

无论你的产品是大是小, 把你的产品放在陈列柜里会引起注意, 美化你的产品, 它意味着价值和重要性.

应用这种技术也很简单. All you need to do is place your product on a pedestal and leave some open space around it, 就像博物馆展示雕塑一样.

You can also augment this with environmental accents—such as banners or walls to create a chamber or mini-room around the display. For smaller products, you might also place them on a pedestal or in a case. 或者钻进墙洞里.

Dell took this concept to the extreme at Dell 技术 World to highlight its Latitude laptops. Attendees were first drawn in by concentric arcs of swirling blue fabric that led them deeper and deeper into the exhibit. 在中心, 他们发现了一个大圆筒, cut at an angle to reveal multiple Dell laptops mounted on and around a small LED stairway. Swirling and morphing brand textures added to the sense of magic without distracting from the products.


Remember the awe you felt the first time you stood in front of the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower? The sense of amazement you felt when you stood in the center of the hotel atrium and looked up?

动态架构可以是它自己的奇迹. 这可能是一座高塔, 水的幻觉, 一个灭弧屋顶, or just a single element that stands out by being a different shape, color, 比周围的任何东西都要大.

One example is the sculptural, twisting fabric structure of the Merck Animal Health exhibit. The shapes and textures alone were enough to elicit oohs and aahs from attendees.

A larger scale example is the AI area within Hitachi’s RSNA exhibit. 巨大的, scrim box elicited curiosity while the giant spiraling ribbon inside the box acted as a visual transition tool, moving attendee’s attention between the Hitachi logo above and the product display below.


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